Services Overview

UCP is committed to creating possibilities and nurturing opportunities for those with disabilities. To do this, we’ve become a leader in providing therapies, life skill and independent living services, inclusive and integrated educational based programs, innovative social outlets, and basic research. In addition, we are a community and information expert for families addressing the needs of those with disabilities.

  • Home and Community Based Services
    Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) are available to both children and...
  • Family Support Coordination
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            What is Family Support Coordination? Family Support Coordination is a...
  • UCP_DTT_114
    Become a Volunteer With UCP!
    UCP’s volunteer program enhances the lives of families and people with disabilities....
  • UCP_DTA_
    Day Treatment & Training for Adults
      The Day Treatment and Training Program for Adults serves high school...
  • UCP_DTT_174
    Day Treatment & Training for Kids & Teens
    Treatment and Training Program for children and young adults includes after school...
  • UCP_Spencer
    Early Intervention
    Early detection is the key to addressing issues that can be more...
  • UCP_ELC_044
    Early Learning Center
    United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona’s (UCP) Early Learning Center (ELC) is...
  • UCP_James546
    Information & Referral
    UCP is well aware of the difficulty parents and family members face...
  • Summer Program
    Summer Program
    The Summer Program is an extension of the Day Treatment and Training...
  • UCP_Marcus_038
    Therapy Services
    United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona’s, (UCP) Therapy program include therapists who...

Our programs are dedicated to advancing the independence, productivity and self-sufficiency of each individual. You will find that all of our programs are personalized and grow out of years of one-on-one experience in helping individuals realize their maximum potential.

For more information about UCP and the services we provide please contact us.

Quality Standards

Here at UCP of Central Arizona we believe to provide our consumers with the best possible services, we must hold ourselves to the highest quality standards.  We adhere to all licensing and federal standards and guidelines.

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Quality Practices

UCP of Central Arizona’s goal is to go above and beyond consumer care.  Our employees are compassionate and always striving to improve.  Our best practices reflect our continued pursuit to be a world class organization.

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