9 year old David has been receiving therapy services with UCP to improve his sensory issues. David does not like loud noises, they make him anxious and cause bad behavior such as running away. As his parents, we didn’t know what to do, but we knew we needed help which led us to UCP. When David started receiving therapy services, he was not able to complete the entire 1 hr session, it was just too much for him, his sensory difficulties would flare and he refused to continue. David would be so upset that he would scream and even hurt himself. I still remember the helpless feeling as I sat in the room while David screamed and screamed. My heart was filled with worry for the future of my son.

Little did I know I had come to a place of patience and kindness. Session after session, I witnessed the love the therapists have for David. I still am taken back at the progress he has made in such little time. David is calm, he enjoys therapy, his behavior has improved tremendously and the therapists have given us solutions to his sensory issues.

David is using some words now, he communicates his wants and needs and his progress is only getting better. UCP has made me hopeful for the future and all I can say is THANK YOU for love and support you give to my son.

Georgina, David’s Mom

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