Jeffrey is 14 years old and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Periventricular Leukomalacia at birth and later with mild intellectual disabilities. Jeffrey has grown up at UCP. He attended the afterschool program and summer program for many years and the staff witnessed Jeffery grow as a bright young man.

Jeffrey currently receives respite and habilitation services through UCP. His brother is his caregiver and together they work on daily living skills and overall care routines. UCP has had a big impact on Jeffrey, helping him open up to meeting new people with similar conditions and becoming confident in just being himself. He has learned to never give up trying and to be the best person he can be. As a parent, I have many goals for all my children; but the most important one is that they do their best and never give up. Jeffrey is a young man who has a big heart, a big smile and knows how to get your funny bone going. Thanks to the care and love from everyone at UCP, Jeffrey is achieving his goals! Jeffrey recently graduated Palo Verde Middle School and will be attending Cortez High School as a freshman.

Jeffrey has two older brothers, three dogs and two cats. He is also an uncle to four nieces and five nephews. Jeffry’s favorite activities include video games, movies and TV shows, but most of all he loves wrestling. He made up his own submission move called “The Appetizer” and he is so proud of it.

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