Ambassadors-Jefferey-bJeffrey receives services for Day Treatment, HCBS and Transportation. Jeffrey was born at 33 weeks and diagnosed with esotopia, 6th nerve palsy, developmental disabilities, Cerebral Palsy with Asymmetric Diplegia, Allergic Rhinitis, Eosinophilic Esophagitis and PVL.

UCP means a lot to our family. It’s has helped show Jeffrey that he’s not the only one who needs help.  They’ve motivated Jeffrey to do more as far as walking, using the bathroom, playing with others and all around trying to be more independent. UCP has helped us by providing services that help Jeffery with everyday living. By being around other children like him, he can focus on where he should be, by learning from other children. The also help out with Respite so that Jeffrey can get ready for school in the morning. Jeffery has bettered himself by using manners, wanting to use the bathroom and being more accepting of who he is becoming. UCP allows every person to be themselves; they work with every child and adult on an equal level. UCP is a great big family who all takes care of each other.

Kim, Jeffery’s Mother

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