kassyKassi has Autism and Mild Intellectual Function.

When Kassi was born, I was in the delivery room. My sister gave birth to this beautiful child but was unable to take care of her, however, I did not hesitate to step up. I was a single 25 year woman who had no clue what she was getting herself into. I expected a beautiful healthy little girl, but as she was growing I noticed things that did not seem normal. She couldn’t walk by 1, she turned 2 and still was unable to grasp things or speak at all. Kassi was not developing from the get go. I was confused and concerned, and had no one to listen to me or support me. Finally at the age of 4 she was diagnosed with Autism. I was very scared and pregnant with a new child. For years, I sought help but was not satisfied with the programs offered to me. I wanted Kassi to thrive and not stay the same so I did some research online until one day her caseworker suggested I check out United Cerebral Palsy. First thing I asked was “but would they take my daughter although she has this disability?”. I took a tour and was amazed by the diversity of kids, they accepted all types of disabilities including autism. What impacted me the most was the care they had for the children. I decided right then, this is what I was looking for. The small milestones Kassi has achieved can only be credited to the love and care of the staff. The patience they have for her and their readiness to answer all my questions and concerns makes me feel very content.

She has been with UCP for so many years, they have now become family! It began as a child and learning simple instructions and now she’s an adult who can do many things independently. She can order her own food and pay for it, she helps with shopping and even does her own laundry.

Kassi has become an amazing young lady! She loves being an ambassador and now her younger sister Lily has become a very caring person because of Kassi, she is now a Respite worker for UCP. Lily cares very deeply for the people she comes into contact with that have special needs. She has a big heart. I am amazed at both of my daughters, every chance I get I tell people  how amazing UCP is.

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Samantha, Kassi and Lily

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