UCP’s Day Treatment Program for Adults (DTA) provides services to adults with disabilities in a center based and community settings to provide opportunities for learning and skill development. Our Day Treatment for Adults program is located at 22601 N 17th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85027. The program is designed to provide individuals with choices of activities that provide skill reinforcement in seven key areas of development: physical activity, socialization, communication, sensory, cognition, fine arts and activities of daily living.

The program typically maintains a ratio of one staff member for every four individuals. However, in special situations a one- on-one ratio can be provided. This personalized attention enhances the learning environment and is based on the individual’s needs and preferences. In addition, to help families with their busy schedules, we also provide transportation between the program and their home within our boundaries.

Offered Activities


Individuals learn to prepare healthy meals, identify different food, measure and follow recipes, kitchen safety and encourages socialization and communication skills. Once a week the individuals make a meal to share with everyone. In preparation to cooking the meal the individual learns menu planning, nutrition, and accessing their local grocery store to buy the ingredients.

Photography Workshops

Many of our individuals are just picking up a camera for the first time. Staff help each individual learn about the camera and how to properly use it. Our group may be out in the community taking pictures of plants, building, cars, and animals or onsite finding unique imagery to photograph. It is a great opportunity for individuals to explore and create imagery.


Art can provide individuals with the tools to express themselves creatively. Throughout the year our individuals express themselves through various forms of art work. It may be, drawing, painting, jewelry making or ceramics. An annual art show is held in July. The art program is all about having fun!

Café without Limits

logo-cafeDTA Café without Limits is a fundraiser for their program, all the proceeds stay within the program the café sells prepackage foods, drinks and snacks, it is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Individuals are provided with job training, they learn how to greet customers, inventory items, use a cash register, provide customer service, and practice money skills.

Advocacy Group

Individuals learn the skills necessary to advocate for themselves. Each person has a say in their own life, about their supports and services. They learn about their rights and responsibilities and how to make choices and decisions. Our individuals are hands-on in developing the activity schedule for the month and planning the social events.

Social Events

The program holds several social events throughout the year as a means to bring families together for support and socialization. Examples of events include baseball games, movie premiers, art shows, a sweet heart Valentine dance, a Thanksgiving feast, member’s appreciation day and more.

Physical Activities

Several times each week we offer exercise activities to our individuals through fitness videos, Wii, Tai Chi, walks and personal instruction.


Our program has computers and interactive white boards for a “hands on” learning approach. This provides visual stimulation for learning. Many of our individuals prefer this method of learning.

Community Outings

We provide opportunities for individuals to learn and explore their community. Typically, individuals have two to three opportunities per week to engage in community outings. They engage with the community through shopping, swimming, sporting events, eating at restaurants, museums, library, movies, special community events and more.

Volunteer Program

Individuals show their community support by actively participating with St. Mary’s Food Bank, once a week individual sort and box food to be distributed to the poor. In addition, the adults volunteer one day a week at St. Vincent De Paul in the preparation of meals in the soup kitchen.  They take a lot of pride in the volunteer work they do to help support others. Also, they volunteered at the City of Phoenix Library one time a week to restocked books.  Our individuals enjoy volunteering and we are always looking for future volunteer opportunities.

The Day Treatment and Training Program for Adults

Hours: Monday thru Friday except on holidays from 8:00am – 4:00 pm .  

Café without Limits:

Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 2:00pm

Antonio Cephas

Program Manager


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