Thomas 1Thomas is a self-motivated, determined, strong individual. He has overcome many obstacles in his lifetime. He was born at 25 weeks gestation; he had ten brain surgeries before he was two years old. He saved his mother’s life, just by being born.

Thomas loves music. Music has been a motivator for him. His first attempt to move across the floor was so he could press buttons on the keyboard. Thomas loves to ‘dance with Mom’. He would often dance with Mom on her hip when he was smaller. Now that Thomas is using his walker, he and Mom can dance together holding hands. He was humming the tunes to songs long before he could speak. His sister, taught him the, ‘I love you’ song. Thomas used to sing it to all of us before he could say ‘I love you’.

Thomas is a happy, loving child. He finds great joy in the smallest of things. He loves to laugh and play. Thomas’ favorite game at home is to ‘play ball in the kitchen’ with Dad. He loves to throw ball from the kitchen into the living room for Dad to retrieve it. The further Dad has to go to get it, the funnier it is.

Thomas loves books. He spent his first years receiving care from his Grandma Karen in our home, where she would read to Thomas for many hours a day. Now he reads the books to us! (We think he has them memorized). Thomas loves to spend Saturday’s with Grandma Mary and Mom. Another of his favorite places to go is to a restaurant and have French toast. He loves to go to the mall and ‘watch the kids fall down and go boom’. He loves to be a part of the kids running, jumping, and playing.

Thomas loves to come to UCP. He often says, ‘having fun UCP’. Thomas has learned more independence since he started coming to UCP. Thomas can maneuver his walker over the play structure. He has shown a stronger desire to be more independent. UCP is constantly teaching him how to do more things for himself. He is very proud of his accomplishments. He loves the ‘brand new good jobs’ he gets when we take the crafts that he made at UCP out of his backpack. He stands very tall and claps his hands in earnest. The best way to describe Thomas is, “Thomas is love with arms and legs.”

Tina, Thomas’ Mother

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