Heather Heller

Board-of-directors-heatherBoard Vice-Chair
Retail Operations Director Division 3110,
Circle K Stores

With every visit to the Laura Dozer Center I am struck by the full self expression of the place. It’s “joyful noise” of struggle, encouragement and triumph. Good, important work gets done here. Humanity gets served here, daily. From my vantage point on the Board I have the distinct privilege to experience first hand the impact of customer, vendor and employee contributions of time, talent and treasure upon local families. As a stand for “A life without limits” I can imagine no greater, more noble purpose to fulfill upon. For our company. For me personally. Indeed, participation that began for me as corporate “duty” 12 years ago has evolved into…a calling. And given back to me so much more than it has required of me.

Brett Heising

Brett HeisingBoard Treasurer

Serving on the Board of Directors for UCP allows me to contribute to a community that’s close to my heart. Living with Cerebral Palsy means I understand, at least on some level, the challenges our families overcome every day. The UCP team continues to impress me. Their collective knowledge and dedication to “our kids” is unmatched. Everyone who represents UCP understands they do much more than provide needed services — they provide hope and nothing is more powerful.

Robert Anderson

Board-of-directors-robertBoard Member
Clark Hill PLC.
State Bar of Arizona.

I was already aware of the great work UCP was accomplishing when I was approached by Board member and good friend, Chuck Smith, who inquired if I would be interested in joining the UCP Board.  I accepted, hoping I could make a contribution.  That was four years ago, and I can state, without hesitation, It has been an honor and privilege to serve on the Board and work with all the talented people who comprise the UCP.

Katy Hansen

Katy HansenBoard Member
Academic Director of Design
Art Institute of Phoenix

Judge Randall Howe

Judge Randall HoweBoard Member
The Honorable Randall M. Howe, Judge,
Arizona Court of Appeals, Div. 1

As a person with cerebral palsy, I am committed to see that children and adults with CP and other disabilities are fully integrated into our community, and I am awed to see the UCP team work toward that goal every day. I am honored to serve on the Board to help them achieve that goal.

Richard Mart

Board-of-directors--RichardBoard Member
Manager of Store 2512,

Tyler Palmer

Tyler Palmer, Board MemberBoard Member

Jacob Penneman

Board-of-directors-JakeBoard Member
Senior Account Executive
Coca-Cola Company

Leo Valdez

Leo ValdezBoard Member
Senior, Vice President & Manager
Hutchinson Shockey Erley & Co.

Diane Veres

Board-of-directors-dianeBoard Member
President Arizona Region,
Clear Channel Outdoor