Learning Independence

Provides members with opportunities to learn socialization and to improve their language and communication skills, as well as goals established in their Individual Service Plans.

It is designed to offer members with CHOICES from various activities that provide skill reinforcement in seven key areas of development: physical activity, socialization, communication, sensory, cognitive, fine arts and daily living activities.

The program typically maintains a ratio of one staff member for every four members, however, in special situations a one-on-one ratio can be provided to enhance their learning environment. This personalized attention is accommodated based on the member’s needs and preferences. The program also provides transportation between the program and the member’s home (distance permitting) which is a great help for our member families.

01  Cooking

Our members learn to prepare healthy meals, identify various food groups and following recipes. Kitchen safety is strongly encouraged we integrate socialization and communication skills in the learning process. Once a week, they create a meal to share with everyone. Members plan the menu, learn the nutritional value of the meal, make a trip to the local grocery store and purchase the ingredients. Finally, with the assistance of an employee, they cook!

02  Community Outings

Member involvement in our community provides an important sense of belonging. Community outings take place two to three times per week. Outings provide members an opportunity to learn about and to explore their community while practicing socialization, stranger-danger skills and independence. Some examples of outings include; shopping at department stores, attending sporting events, restaurant dining, going to museums, the library, the movies and more.

03  Volunteering

Member’s show their community support by actively volunteering. Once a week, members are taken to St. Mary’s Food Bank, where they sort clothes and create food boxes to be distributed to people in need. They take tremendous pride in the volunteer work they do. Our members have also partnered with Friends of the Phoenix Library to continue our volunteer efforts stocking bookshelves in the library warehouse. Our members look forward to and enjoy these experiences.

Helping Our Community

Did you know?

UCP Helps Others

Through our volunteer programs and community outings, UCP extends the value of your donation for places like St. Mary's and the Phoenix Library.

04  Photography

Many of our members are just picking up a camera for the first time. With the assistance from staff, members are taught how to use a camera and express themselves through pictures. Members are taken out to the community and they are able to capture pictures of plants, buildings, cars, and animals. Sometimes they are given the task to find a unique imagery to photograph. It is a great opportunity for our members to explore their community and use their imagination.

05  Art

Our Art Classroom allows our member’s creativity and imagination soar! Throughout the year, members of the program express themselves through various forms of art such as drawing, crafts, canvas painting and jewelry beading. These activities are not just fun – they also enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Every fall, DTA hosts an “Art Show” where the artwork is showcased and placed for sale. All proceeds further support the activities the members enjoy.

06  Advocacy

Our advocacy group is facilitated by ABILITY 360 who meets with our members once a month to teach them the skills necessary to advocate for themselves and have a voice in decisions that affect their lives. Members are educated about their rights and responsibilities and how to make choices and decisions. To support the decision making process, our members develop the activity schedule. Through the use of community meetings, members participate in planning their community activities.

07  Social

The DTA program holds several social events throughout the year as a means to bring families together for support the members  and engage them in socialization. Examples of events include Baseball Games, Movie Premiers, Art Shows, Special Olympics, Holiday Feasts, Member Appreciation Days and more.

08  Physical Activities

Several times each week DTA offer physical activities to the members. Activities include;  following along to fitness videos, Wii, Tai Chi, walking clubs and personal instruction to overall wellness.

09  Computers / Whiteboards

The DTA program has computers and interactive white boards for a “hands on” learning approach. This provides visual stimulation for learning. Many of our members prefer this method of learning.

    We are always looking for new ways to involve our members in the community.

    If you have a business that can donate materials, activities or equipment for our DTA members, please contact us today using this form!

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