Our Mission

UCP of Central Arizona provides comprehensive services to individuals with disabilities and their families by providing physical and developmental support as well as educational growth which is the foundation for independent living. “Life without Limits”

 Our Vision

Individuals with disabilities will achieve their potential and experience equality in the community.


Life without limits for people with disabilities

Life Without Limits is a national initiative to empower people with disabilities to envision and build a better future for themselves and their community. UCP, a pivotal advocate for people with all disabilities, is leading the Life Without Limits initiative in cooperation with former Congressman Tony Coelho.

The project was conceived in April 2004 in response to the realization that goals set many years ago that led to both the institutionalization of many individuals with disabilities and the passing of the ADA have not been fully realized. The fact that there is a long way to go before individuals with disabilities are fully integrated into all aspects of society motivated UCP to jump start a far-reaching dialogue about how people with disabilities can become fully integrated in society and live life without limits.

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Our Values

ACCOUNTABILITY- UCP shall make every effort to ensure every child, adult and family receives the utmost care by the services we provide.

COMMITMENT- Because of our commitment to those we serve, hope transforms into results and lives are changed.

LOVE AND COMPASSION- Knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life, then suddenly realizing they’ve made a difference in yours.

TEAMWORK- At UCP, we create an environment where individuals come together in a spirit of teamwork, which allows us to attain remarkable results.

TRUST- We build relationships with honesty and integrity while following through on our commitments.

RESPECT- We treat our team members with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions.