Therapy Services

United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona’s, (UCP) Therapy program include therapists who work with children at the Laura Dozer Center’s therapyclinic or the child’s natural environment, such as the home or daycare. The individual may have varying levels of developmental delays. Our goal is to help those with disabilities participate in life fully and without limitations. The therapy team includes occupational and physical therapists in addition to speech and language pathologists. Our team offers a variety of specialized services such as feeding, sensory integration, treatment of torticollis, and assistive technology/equipment recommendations based on the child and family’s conditions and concerns. The team develops collaborative partnerships with other UCP departments, community agencies, physicians and schools. Our most important partnership is with the family, ensuring the highest level of care to children with special needs.

Therapy intervention goals are created with the families’ priorities, concerns, and strengths. Families are viewed as an integral part of the therapy team, with family education as a central part of the therapy process. All therapists perform evaluations and/or assessments to assist in the identification of any developmental delays. All therapists are licensed by the Arizona State Board in their discipline. All therapists focus on activities of daily living, as well as specialize in the following:

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapist (OT) works with the child and family onfine motor skills (e.g., hand use such as holding and using a spoon or pencil). Some occupational therapists provide sensory integration therapy and education. The therapy will focus on activities to help the child process their sensory input (i.e., how they can process touch/textures, movement, sounds, and what they see).

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapist (PT) works with the child and family on gross motor skills, involving the larger muscles in the arms, legs and abdomen (e.g., rolling, sitting up, crawling, walking, running, jumping). A Physical Therapist serves as a guide for teaching normal movement patterns aiming to help the children master developmental milestones. The Physical Therapist will also determine what types of adaptive equipment and/ or home accommodations are needed to assist the child in becoming as independent as possible.

Speech and Language Pathology

The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) works with the child and family on speech/ language (e.g., following directions and/or using words or signs to communicate), and oral motor skills (e.g., decrease drooling and/or assisting with feeding issues). 



We believe in a family centered approach to addressing an individual’s needs. Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in their child’s therapy session either directly or through home programs.

The UCP therapy program is also committed to training student clinicians. UCP is a clinic field site for several local Arizona colleges providing valuable field hours to future Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists.

For more information about UCP Therapy, please contact us by phone at (602) 943-5472.

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