Early detection is the key to addressing issues that can be more effectively managed if discovered sooner rather than later. The Early Intervention (EI) program serves children from birth through three years of age who were premature or are experiencing developmental delays. Early intervention builds upon and provides support and resources to assist family members and caregivers to enhance the child’s learning and development through every day learning opportunities. As a designated Arizona Early Intervention Program site for Maricopa County regions, UCP receives approximately 300 referrals per month for children with potential developmental delays or disabilities.

The ultimate goal of EI is to unlock each and every family’s potential. EI’s holistic approach engages teams of professionals working in collaboration with families to identify the needs and strengths of the family and child. Infants and toddlers learn best through every day experiences and interactions with familiar people in familiar contexts, therefore the majority of services are provided in the home or other natural settings. What makes our approach unique is that we work closely with the family to individualize services for each child’s growth, development, and learning. The family is assigned a core team made up of; a Service coordinator, Developmental specialist and may also include an occupational, physical, and speech Therapist to ensure all areas of development are supported. In order to ensure continuity of service provided, we work collaboratively with local school districts, Early Head starts, and other early education providers.

How to make a referral: If you have concerns about your child’s development you can make a referral in several ways:

ONLINE: www.azdes.gov/azeip
PHONE: 602.532.9960
EMAIL: Allazeip2@azdes.gov

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