United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona’s (UCP) Therapy Programs serve children and young adults ages 0-18 at the Laura Dozer Center located in North Phoenix.

Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy are all offered at this location. In addition to providing therapy for children with concerns regarding their developmental milestones, our team offers a variety of specialized services, such as feeding therapy, sensory integration, equipment evaluation and recommendation, Torticollis management, and vision therapy.

To ensure the highest level of care is provided to each individual and family, therapy intervention goals are created with the family’s priorities, concerns, and strengths in mind. An initial assessment will be performed to gather this information, as well to determine each child’s specific needs for success.

Licensed by the State of Arizona, UCP Therapists help your child in achieving a Life Without Limits through one or more of the following Therapy Programs:


UCP Physical Therapy promotes independence, facilitates motor development and function, improves strength and endurance, enhances learning opportunities, and eases challenges with daily care giving. Through developmental activities we help to improve movement and mobility, motor learning, balance/coordination, recreation and play. When necessary we assist in the adaptation of posture, positioning, and lifting, orthotics/prosthetics, equipment design, fabrication and fitting and with the use of assistive technology.


A child has several “occupations” including school, play, and daily living skills such as bathing, dressing, feeding, etc. With expertise in a variety of areas of treatment, the UCP Occupational Therapist will focus on your child’s specific needs including but not limited to: fine-motor skills, using your hands and printing; self-help skills, such as feeding, dressing and bathing; thinking skills, such as shape recognition; pre-school/school skills and following directions; visual perceptual skills, the brain’s ability to connect to what the eyes see to distinguish shapes, pictures, letters and work puzzles.


Our Speech-Language Pathologists address speech and language skills with a focus on the “how-to” of talking including pronunciation, vocalization and the coordination of muscles and movements necessary to produce speech; the understanding of what is seen or heard; struggles with finding the right words and/or organizing words in a meaningful way to communicate a message or simply hold a conversation. Without the means to communicate effectively frustration typically results in behavior concerns.


Whether the concern is breast feeding, bottle feeding, “picky eating”, increasing diet from purees to solids, or even transitioning off alternative feeding measures such as a G-tube to oral feeding, trained UCP Therapists can assist in addressing the entire feeding/eating/swallowing experience beginning from birth, and when necessary, on to adolescence. Utilizing the Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Treatment Model we can determine the smallest of variances in the facial muscle movements and the strength and endurance that affect the feeding/eating process.


For more information about UCP's Therapy Program please contact us  at (602) 943-5472.

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