The Day Treatment and Training Program for Adults serves high school graduates or adults over the age of twenty-two with disabilities and helps them develop the skills necessary to live more independent and self-sufficient lives.

Designed to enhance community integration, physical health, and/or employment skills, the program also provides activities of daily living and socialization opportunities. Participants plan meals, shop and prepare lunch, go on outings to the mall, movies, restaurants, and volunteer at community organizations. They play basketball, dance, learn karate, create art projects, and play computer games. All activities support the goals of each consumer’s individual service plan and vary depending on each individual’s abilities.

DTA’s Cafe without Limits provides job training and work experience to those with a wide range of disabilities. The consumers learn direct customer sales, money skills, inventory, and communication skills! Work is an important way for individuals to contribute to their communities, build a network of social relationships, and create opportunities for lifelong learning. Cafe without Limits is located at our adult program and is open Mondar-Friday from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

For more information about UCP Adult Day Treatment and Training and the Cafe without Limits please contact us by email or at (602) 943-5472.

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