Isabella-bUCP has helped our family by giving Isabella the specific therapies that she needs to progress to be as mainstream as possible. We have seen improvements in all aspects of Isabelle’s life. She is more open to others, rather than being withdrawn, and is now willing to try new things, and engage in group play with new peers.

UCP means that my daughter will be able to experience a fairly mainstream childhood without that mountain of struggle and exclusion that would be present without the assistance we receive as a family. UCP means that my daughter gets individualized assistance to help her become the wonderful girl she is, and as parents, we will not have to tell her she “cant” do things. UCP has opened the world up to her!

UCP is special to us because the staff, and therapists, who provide services to Isabella. They really show that they CARE, for her and her progress. “Artemis, in particular is by far the most engaged and invested person, who has changed Isabella’s life for the better.” So when we are asked what makes UCP so special, we feel that the staff there at UCP makes it special!

Jason-Isabella’s Father

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