Ridley (1)UCP means a safe and nurturing environment where my child can flourish and receive the best care possible. My son Ridley is 5 years old and has been attending UCP since he was a teeny baby. Between the hypertonia common with Down syndrome and his open heart surgery at 3.5 months, my son has moderate developmental delays.  As a mother of a special needs child you tend to worry about everything, but I always feel secure in leaving my son in UCP’s care. The Early Learning Center is the perfect place for him because the staff is trained to care for kids just like Ridley.  His therapists are all on-site so he never misses a therapy session no matter how hectic my life gets as a working single mother. I love that the therapist and teachers work as a team to help my child, collaborating and bouncing ideas off each other to come up with great solutions and ideas to help him flourish. For example, thanks to the services at UCP, Ridley is now able to interact and play with his peers, something that probably would not have happened if it wasn’t for the holistic care he receives each and every day at UCP.  Best of all, the staff teaches me the methods they use so I can use them at home so I too can help with his development.

The team at UCP feels genuinely more like a family than a service provider! I go out of my way each day to bring him to school just to see the smile on his face as we walk through the doors. He has blossomed physically, emotionally, and socially, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.  I truly believe that UCP is helping us to live a life without limits!

Jen, Ridley’s Mom

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