We understand paying for healthcare can be challenging which is why we do our best to help you with the process. As a courtesy to our families, UCP of Central Arizona is happy to help by verifying insurance benefits prior to treatment, obtain an authorization if necessary and bill a patient’s insurance plan.  Please see below for the complete list of our current contracts.

  • Aetna
  • Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)
  • Arizona Long Term Care (ALTCS)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBS)
  • Cigna (Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy)
  • Comprehensive Medical and Dental Program (CMDP)
  • Healthnet: Tri-Care
  • Mercy Care (AHCCCS)
  • United Healthcare (UHC)
  • United Healthcare Community Plan (AHCCCS)

Updated on 9/1/20


Commercial Insurance Plans

UCP accepts all major private insurance plans. Coverage for therapy services may vary from plan to plan. Therapy services may not be covered by a commercial insurance plan or may be limited. Often, coverage may vary slightly from the quote provided by a commercial plan. We will do our best to help, but it is the family’s responsibility to know their individual coverage. We encourage each family to check the benefits of their plan with their insurance company. UCP will provide services to a child with the understanding that if any or all of the services are not covered by insurance, families will accept financial responsibility for the services rendered.

Arizona Community Insurance Plans                                                     

UCP accepts most major AHCCCS plans. If your child has an AHCCCS plan, we will verify eligibility and benefits and discuss therapy services coverage with you. UCP will provide services to a child when their community plan falls under one of our contracted plans. In the case of most community plans, patients are not responsible for the cost of service.

Payment Information:

Our billing team can answer any questions you have about your bill or help you with  making a payment so you can keep your focus on your child.


1802 West Parkside Lane

Phoenix, Arizona 85027


Private Pay Package

Therapy Evaluations: $250

One-hour therapy session: $100
Please contact us for private pay packages and/or scholarship opportunities.


Payment Options:

  1. Credit card: MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover Card. You can use our Online Bill Pay 
  2. Debit card or cash
  3. Flex or Health Saving Account Cards
  4. Check made out to United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona. Be sure to include your account number and indicate therapy services.

Mail to:

United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona

Billing Department

1802 West Parkside Lane Phoenix, AZ. 85027

Please note that co-pays, co-insurances and/or deductibles will not apply if your child is receiving state funded services through DDD, ALTCS or CMDP.

DDD Choice Plans

Several changes happened in the state of Arizona to offer integrated health care plans that provide choice to our children who are eligible for Arizona Long Term Care (ALTCS) and Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) services. Families will find the two links below offer the most updated information.

DDD Choice Plans/ Integrated Health Plans

DDD Choice Plans/ Frequently Asked Questions

Facts You Need To Know About Your Insurance Coverage!

  1. How many therapy visits are allowed under my insurance plan?
  2. If my child needs several therapies such as OT, PT, and Speech, can they happen the same day and still be paid for?
  3. Does my insurance have any exclusions or limitations to therapy coverage for my child’s diagnosis?
  4. Does my insurance require a new physician referral for therapy services every 12 months?
  5. Does my insurance cover an initial therapy evaluation but not cover ongoing treatment services until they have reviewed the plan of care?
  6. How much money will I be expected to pay out of pocket? What is my co-payment, deductible or co-insurance amount?

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